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Metalflow presence in major growth areas for automotive

The automotive industry has a major impact on metal processing and treatment, through its various processes and applications: forging, die casting, gravity & low pressure, machining, forming, cleaning and protection, among others.


Vehicle sales worldwide have increased by 33% during the past 5 years, from 66 million vehicles in 2009 to 88 million vehicles in 2014.

Why Metalflow is the industrial lubricants’ best partner?

Over the 40 years of experience in the development and fabrication of industrial lubricants our work has been defined on five key points.


7 usage tips about the coolants

There are some security and maintenance measures that should be taken into account when using the coolants, just as when using any other chemical product. Therefore, 7 usage tips about the coolants should be taken into account before taking action.

Metalflow goes beyond the purchase of industrial lubricants

In Metalflow we have been more than 40 years producing and developing industrial lubricants, and we do it with the same enthusiasm as when we started. We try to maintain the highest quality and professionality in all the fields of the company, and in every process we are involved in. Always with the single purpose of offering the best service to the client.

Do you know the importance of dilution water in die casting?

The dilution water is a basic resource in the process of highpressure die casting, so it is always advisable to use quality water.

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