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The automotive industry has a major impact on metal processing and treatment, through its various processes and applications: forging, die casting, gravity & low pressure, machining, forming, cleaning and protection, among others.


Vehicle sales worldwide have increased by 33% during the past 5 years, from 66 million vehicles in 2009 to 88 million vehicles in 2014.


Most of sales is no longer concentrated only in the historically more developed areas (USA, Europe and Japan). On the last decades, sales are growing strongly in all emerging areas of the planet.


The improvement in the domestic economy of many countries and their social and cultural transformation, have caused an increase of vehicles' demand in many densely populated areas, such as China, South-East Asia, India, Brazil and Mexico.


The growth in demand and the globalization of the economy have also facilitated and indeed, in many cases, recommended the establishment and development of a powerful automotive industry in these areas. This has automatically transformed them in big global players.


The following table shows the number of vehicles manufactured worldwide in 2014 (extract of the first 16 positions of the table). It shows that half of the countries belong to emerging areas.


Selling cars - Metalflow



Metalflow's desire is to always be close to our customers by offering quality services and proximity. For this reason we have implemented strategic operational units in four countries (Mexico, Brazil, India and China) through which we cover the needs of these countries and the bordering countries.



World Map Metalflow

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