Metalflow goes beyond the purchase of industrial lubricants

In Metalflow we have been more than 40 years producing and developing industrial lubricants, and we do it with the same enthusiasm as when we started. We try to maintain the highest quality and professionality in all the fields of the company, and in every process we are involved in. Always with the single purpose of offering the best service to the client.


Our mission consists of offering lubrication answers adapted to the needs of our clients. We collaborate with them closely to achieve an increasing quality and quantity of their products. Metalflow’s industrial proceedings are being developed in more than 30 countries across all the continents, where we offer our clients the most suitable products after an exhaustive analysis of their needs.


Metalflow’s working method


- Approach: data collection and initial audit. Value proposal.

- Start-up: performance demonstration. Personal training: awareness raising.

- Monitoring: monitoring and control. Preventive and corrective actions.

- Teamwork: Chemical Management and processes improvements.




VAlue proposAL


- Process analysis to revise the cycle timings, refrigeration, rejections, stops, maintenance, lubrication, etc. Tutoring and advice about the different industrial projects to the clients.


- Thermography of moulds and dies which reach the optimum levels of refrigeration and lubrication on their entire surface. The R&D Department works closely with the clients with the purpose of continuously improving in order to become a benchmark in the research and development of new technical solutions in industrial lubrication, detergency and protection of metallic surfaces.

- Programmed analysis inside our labs to control the quality of:

· Products in use. Analysis labs in Barcelona (Spain) and Hanghzhou (China).

· Dilution water. It is significant to control the dilution water to avoid the bacteria growth,waste accumulation, fillings, etc



- Training sessions, customized and adapted to the operators and technicians as to present the information needed in both manipulation and functionality and in work and environmental safety.


- Monitoring of the products which are being used and preventive and corrective controls. Our specialists, besides of being able to conduct formulations in situ, are present on the main emergent industrial poles of the world and ensure an extended and reliable coverage and a fast answer to every petition.


Support and advice in the waste-water treatment. Thanks to the integral quality system Global Quality Management the daily management of a plant is optimized and the implantation of waste treatment solutions is assisted.


- Installation and revision of automatic dosing and control equipment. The precision in the programmed concentration of the dilution reduces its consumption. The concentration control, with alarms connected to PC and mobile, includes management software



Working with Metalflow goes beyond a mere purchase. It is a commitment to quality.

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