THE Customer 


The customer is a multinational company with processes of die casting and machining to produce light metal automotive wheels. It has plants in Europe, America and Asia. The situation described below occurred in a plant in Europe where the company makes the machining of aluminum wheels for automobiles.



the situation


The customer wanted to improve the performance of his current coolant (soluble), bought from a competitor of Metalflow.


When he contacted Metalflow, he said that had certain problems of consumption, cost and stability of the diluted product, and there was generation of foam in the tanks.



the challenge


The challenge was to demonstrate that our product could reduce current consumption, reducing annual spending on coolant, could prevent foam appearance and could ensure long life of the product in use and tools.




the solution


Metalflow proposed a product performance's demonstration. It was decided to suggest our coolant METALCOOL 3110, a specific semi-synthetic fluid for aluminum parts and low hardness water.


Some days of tests were scheduled and the performance of the coolant METALCOOL 3110 was studied in two different types of machine tools with a dilution of 4% and 1% for the top-up, while the competitor's product was being used with a dilution of 4% and 2% for the top-up.



the result


With the METALCOOL 3110 the customer obtained excellent results and the following improvements:


- Lower drag loss taking into account both parts manufactured as the removed chips. In both cases the metal surfaces were drier.


- Less need for top-up and lower concentration of the same (from 2% to 1%) because of the above mentioned lower drag loss.


- Improved quality of the surface finishing (look and touch).


- With the product METALCOOL 3110, foam generacción is not seen in deposits, and there's no need of having defoamers.


- The overall savings are substantials due to lower consumption and competitive price of our product. It's calculated an estimated saving in product consumption of 14% and a cost saving of 18%.






With foam deposits

(Competitor's product)

Without foam deposits

(Product METALCOOL 3110)



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