It is a big company which activity is the machining of aluminum wheels for light vehicles. It has plants in different continents. The situation described below occurred at one of its plants in Europe.







The situation


The customer makes different machining processes of different severities (Milling, Turning, Facing).


For the most severe processes it was using a semisynthetic product from a multinational brand specialized in coolants.


For the least severe processes it was using our semisynthetic product METALCOOL 3110.





the challenge


The customer communicated his decision of unifying all the processes under a single coolant, in order to facilitate the management of central tanks and product recirculation.


The main requirement was to ensure an optimal degree of lubrication under any type of severity.





The solution


Metalflow made a comparative performance study of the two coolants in use.


It was confirmed that the product of our competitor had a worse lubrication capacity in low and medium severity operations. While our product METALCOOL 3110 had a similar results but for high severity operations.


With this results, our Laboratory worked on a new semisynthetic product, METALCOOL 3310, based on a mineral oil free technology. This new product met all the requirements of our customer and in addition it provided a cleaner working area.






Blue Line: Competitor product
Green Line: Product METALCOOL 3110
Red Line: Product METALCOOL 3310




the result


The previous chart shows the result of the microtap test. The vertical axis indicates the values ​​of the Torque according to the hole's depth indicated on the horizontal axis.


Lower values ​​of the vertical axis indicate better lubrication capacity of the analyzed product.


Analysing that chart, our METALCOOL 3310 proposed as an alternative to replace the previous two:


- It lubricates better than the competitor's product in low and medium severities and lubricates equally in high severities.

- It lubricates a little less than our METALCOOL 3110 in low and medium severities and lubricates better in high severities.


After these conclusions the customer accepted our METALCOOL 3310 as an alternative for all its processes, replacing the two previous products in the central systems.





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