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THE Customer 


The company is a metallurgical holding located in an important European industrial area and its activity is in the HPDC field, producing different kind of equipment and parts for medical, cooking and heating.



The situation


One of its plants, which produces aluminum radiators for heating, reported a problem. They had been using a water-based release agent from one of our competitors but during the last 10 months they were experimenting several maintenance problems in the dilution tank.


Specifically, the customer complained:


- Presence of oil and wax traces in the dilution tank.

- Need to clean the tank filters every 10 days.

- Frequent clogging of the application nozzles.



the challenge


The challenge was to provide a HPDC release agent able to resolve their major concerns without altering the existing production parameters.


On the other hand, it was important to note that the production plant was located in a region with a wide variation of temperatures between winter and summer. Therefore the product should ensure its resistance to that climatic environment.



The solution


At Metalflow, after visting the plant and making an initial data collection, we analyzed many parameters and existing problems and ofered to the customer our water-based release agent CASTFLOW 2500, as it was the most suitable product for their requirements and the characteristics of the plant.


We conducted a demonstration of the product to check its performance under the same parameters for several weeks.



the result


After the first 10 operative months, and under the same parameters than with the competitor's product, our release agent CASTFLOW 2500 obtained excellent results:


- No more traces of oil or waxes in the dilution tank.


- No more necessity of regular cleaning of the tank filter.


- No more problems of clogged nozzles.




    Metalflow - Die Casting Metalflow - Die Casting  

Dilution tank (before) - competitor's product

Dilution tank (after) - CASTFLOW 2500



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