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The Customer is a world leader in the contract manufacturing of precision metal parts and sub-assemblies. With Global Headquarters in USA and Aluminum Plant in India, is specialized in marcmanufacturing of castings with weather proof powder coating operations.


The product range varies from white goods to turbochargers, from Industrial / commercial lighting to power tools; Serves the customer in the Electrical / Home Appliances / Lighting / Industrial / Power Tools / Construction Machinery / Farm Equipment / Hydraulic Systems / Automotive Sectors.


The customer's weatherproof product line is designed, tested, and approved to meet UL or Exceed all applicable UL and NEC requirements for wet and damp locations. The customer offers a broad range of die cast metal weatherproof boxes and covers which are designed and manufactured with the quality, strength, and longevity that are required for outdoor electrical applications.





The Situation


The customer's India facility for HPDC had been using a competitor's oil based release agent since 2005. After some time he shifted to water based release agents. Since there many problems appeared and he tried several different brands during next 6 years but could not find out a proper solution.



The Challenge


Metalflow approached the customer in 2011. After discussing with the customer and completing an initial data collection the challenge was clear: to offer a substitute product which could maintain the same spending on account of die release agent and at the same time to ensure 100% compatibility with subsequent powder coating (a top priority for the customer).



The Solution


Thanks to the close collaboration between R&D department and technicians placed in India, the paint test procedure and the requirement test procedures of the product were understood and then a product was quickly developed for the operation.


We conducted a trial of the new product CASTFLOW 1001 with 20 Kg. As performing was excellent, today there is a consumption of 3000 kg per month.



the result


Customer is extremely satisfied with the performance of the product. They do not have any casting rejection on account of grain like structures on surface, black marks, soldering, scoring marks. The consistency in quality of each lot supplied is an icing on the cake.


Casting manufactured with CASTFLOW 1001

This casting is not critical itself but aesthetic appearance after powder coating is very important






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