Plunger lubricants
Lubricants pistons





Why using metalflow's plunger lubricants?

Wide range in permanent evolution.

Suitable for different types plungers and metals.

Suitable for different plunger systems: plungers with ring, whole plungers.

Suitable for atomiser systems, avoiding troubles caused by fire or smoke generation.

Great performance and increase of productivity.

Low mist formation.

Meet different environmental and safety standards.

Optimum lubrication between the plunger and the injection chamber.

lubricants PISTON metalflow the following functions:





Create an ephemeral layer of lubricant between the piston and the injection chamber to allow proper operation of the piston in both directions.

  Facilitate movement of the molten metal along the chamber to fill the mold completely.

Extend the useful life of the piston and injection chamber avoiding the appearance and accumulation of remains of lubricant or metal.



Perfect for:



All the products of metalflow

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 We adapt them to any need


We make them give the best performance

our piston Lubricants are used in:

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