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the auxiliaries of metalflow meet the following functions:







Prevent rust and corrosion of metal surfaces. Also increase the lifetime of ladles, dies, threads, screws, etc. 

  Lubricate pieces, die zones and machinery for an easy maintenance, storage or replacement.

  Easy molten metal flow (ladles and chanels protectors) and easy drying of the casted part (quenching products).

Facilitate the degreasing of metal surfaces, daily exposed to the acumulation of residues and greases.

we show you OUR RANGE of auxiliaries for die casting

Metalprot copper - paste 

copper colour


Special grease with copper microparticles for an optimum protection and lubrication of threads and screws.


It facilitates the assembling and disassembling during maintenance, cleaning or replacing of any part of the die or machinery.


Product suitable to be applied manually or by spray.

Metalprot 9020 - paste 

mold protection


Special grease with refractory pigments for an optimum protection and lubrication of the back side of the die.


It facilitates an easy disassembling of the mold for maintenance and cleaning processes.


Product application: Manually.

Metalclean 6030 - liquid

daily cleaning


Synthetic-based product for a daily cleaning of metallic surfaces (dies, etc.).


Easy removal of excessive greases sticked on the surfaces.


Product application: Manually.

Metalprot 9040 - liquid

corrosion protection


Liquid product for the protection of steel dies and other steel surfaces.


Creates a protective film on the surfaces to prevent their corrosion while they are stored.


Product application: Manually or by Automatic systems.

METALFORM V 106 - vanishing lubricant

vanishing /



Vanishing product free of viscous mineral oils, for trimming operations, that evaporate after each use.


Quick drying, corrosion protection and excellent surface finishing of the part without requiring further degreasing process.



Product application: Manually or by immersion of the part.


quenchflow - water based

quenching and



Water based liquid for the quenching and dewatering of die casted parts.


It improves the drying of the part, provides corrosion protection and lubrication for the trimming process.


It makes no necessary the use of a specific lubricant in the trimming operation after the casting process.


Product application: Immersion of the part.

crisolflow - paste 

ladles and



Special grease with refractory pigments for an optimal protection of ladles and channels.


Protects against metallization.


Extends the lifetime of ladles and channels.


Facilitates the flow of molten metal.

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