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Why using metalflow auxiliaries?

Wide range.

Solutions for any need.

Increase of productivity.

Meet different environmental and safety standards.

Suitable for their direct addition to products in use.

Specific formulations.

the auxiliaries of metalflow meet the following functions:







Prevent rust and corrosion of metal surfaces and extend the lifetime of the coolant, the tools and the machinery.

  Facilitate the improvement of the lubrication capacity of the products where they are built-in.

Help foam, fungi and microorganisms removal from tanks and circuits.

Recovery of the initial properties of products in use with some current wear, to stabilize, improve their performance and extend their lifetime.

we show you OUR RANGE OF metalworking auxiliaries

metalcare range fc - additives

foam control


Antifoaming additives for their incorporation in circuits with coolants in use. Offer immediate and long lasting effect and they are easy to mix with the coolant in use. They are compatible with the pressure requirements of high-performance pumps.


Don't affect the quality of further treatments of parts like cleanings, surface treatments, paintings, etc.



Additional information:


· Suitable for any type of tank: central or individual.


· Suitable for soft, very soft and osmotic water.

metalcare PH series - additives




Correcting the pH additives for incorporation in refrigerant circuits with cutting fluids in use. Facilitate recovery of the appropriate level of pH prior to decontamination (removal of micro-organisms).


Do not cause foaming when the pH up.



Additional information:


· Do not cause adverse effects in machined metal or metals of the facilities.


· They do not produce strong odors even if fungal contamination.

metalcare range ST - additives

elimination of



Additives formulated to eliminate existing microorganisms in tank and circuits with coolants in use. They provide immediate and long-lasting effect, preventing bad odours and problems to the workers.



Additional information:


· Easy incorporation into tanks in-use thanks to its complete miscibility.


· Safe products if used properly.

metalcare range RI - additives



Anticorrosion additives for their incorporation in tanks and circuits with coolants in use. They preserve the stability of the emulsion and rebuild their properties to extend the lifetime of the coolant.


Improve the stability of exhausted emulsions and eliminate their corrosive effects to make the most of their remaining lubricating capacity.



Additional information:


· Don't generate foam.


· Don't cause stains on parts or metal surfaces.

metalcare range LB - additives

lubrication improvement


Additives formulated to enhance the lubricity of coolants in use. They are products immediately self-emulsifiable and don't affect the stability of the coolant in use.


Don't affect the quality of the surface finishing of machined parts, neither cause accumulation of residues or clogging of filters.



Additional information:


· Suitable for any type of tank: central or individual.


· Increase the lifetime of the coolant.

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