Release Agents
Release Agents





Why using


release agents?

Wide range in permanent evolution.

Product customization.

Increase of productivity.

Meets different environmental and safety standards.

Easy cleaning and easy treatment of the generated residues.

Guarantee of success.


METALFLOW'S RELEASE AGENTS HAVE the following functions:








Facilitate the flow of the molten metal to ensure a homogeneous distribution and an optimal filling of the part.

  Homogeneously coating of the die surface to facilitate an easy extraction of the part.

  Optimize the external cooling of the die thanks to exclusive additives that allow a cycle time reduction.

Moving parts of the die (ejectors and pins) are permanently lubricated to ensure the right functioning in any working condition.

Extend the working lifetime of the die and its moving parts, avoiding metallization and premature oxidation.

All the products of metalflow

They are produced in our plants


 We adapt them to any need


We make them give the best performance

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