7 usage tips about the coolants

A lubricant can be defined as the substance introduced between two mobile pieces which avoids their direct contact and, as a consequence reduces the friction. Cutting oils or coolants are a type of lubricant principally used in machining operations by chip removal.




Needless to say that in this kind of cutting operations friction is intense, both in the roughing and the finishing part, so a good quality cutting fluid is needed in order to get the best results. Generally, cutting oils are designed for drills, lathes, shapers and milling machines. However, for a higher accuracy and better maintenance of the machinery, Metalflow cutting oils are created, besides, for each particular case in industry. Personalized coolants, since each productive process has its particular needs.


Usage recommendations about the coolants

There are some security and maintenance measures that should be taken into account when using the coolants, just as when using any other chemical product. Broadly, preserving the properties which these products have is the most important point, apart from the fact that they should be found and used under secure conditions. Besides, it is not only important to pay attention to the maintenance condition of the coolants, but it is also essential to take care of the equipment where they will be applied. If these are found under poor conditions, it will be difficult for the coolants to have the expected result. Therefore, 7 usage tips about the coolants should be taken into account before taking action.




1. Product storage conditions

As one can imagine, the way a product is stored is important for its conservation.  A coolant’s useful life may last up to ten years, but, in order to make the most of it, it is necessary to meet some minimum storage conditions. Additionally, there is a logical key principle related to the expiration dates: those products which have been longer in the storage should be used first. This way, the owner makes sure he takes advantage of all the stock. Besides, there are some basic stocking conditions that need to be considered. The products cannot be exposed to abnormal temperature and humidity conditions. Similarly, they should be covered conveniently, and not overexposed to the sunlight. Last but not least, one needs to discard those warehouses where the temperature may reach extreme levels since it is recommendable to stock the coolants in places where the temperatures vary between 5 ºC and 40 ºC. 





2. Tank Cleaning

The proper functioning of the tank and circuits depends on the accuracy of their cleaning. In those cases where mud, dirt or another kind of obstruction are found, the refrigeration will not take place correctly and, moreover, the systems will suffer inefficiencies, hindering the possibility of saving. In any case, it is worth studying some tips in relation to the cleaning process of these deposits and their tubes. These actions are usually performed when the tank or circuit need to be refilled with a new product. Before that, one needs to remove debris or particles. In this sense, the cleaning product METALCLEAN should be underlined thanks to its efficiency.



3. Proper emulsion preparation

The emulsion of a cooling lubricant constitutes an operation in which a chemical reaction comes into play. Therefore, there is no doubt that it is a complex process which requires professionality, reliability, and precision in order to be accomplished properly. Grosso modo, the properties related to the useful life of the coolants are diverse. Among them, it is worth mentioning the following: absence of foam and bacteria, anticorrosive, pH, lubricants, concentration, stability… As part of this approach, this process needs to be treated with special attention by an operator who takes care of the control and maintenance areas, such as the system cleanliness and the quality of the water used.


With a specialized by an operator to be responsible for control issues and maintenance care



4. Usage of a specific electronic device of dilution to guarantee parameters and good results


When preparing concentrations or constant emulsions, one should have the highest technology in terms of dispensers (that is, automatic volumetric dosing systems). The different models XCALUB by Metalflow meet this function perfectly since they contribute to conveying the products' concentration and quality established in order to get to the application point. The wide range of equipment, on its side, offers the best precision of the dilution, a substantial decrease in the maintenance and downtime costs, protection against bacterial infections, constant preparation of a fresh solution and aptitude for a large variety of liquid products.  



5. Tracking and controlling the product

Just as the storage conditions of the coolants and industrial lubricants are controlled, a proper usage of these products will lead to a longer useful life, as a result of following the products' instructions. It is useless, therefore, to open a coolant container which has been stored excellently if, after using it, it is left unclosed and exposed to direct light and temperatures over 50ºC. Thus, not only the useful life of the product will be shortened, but also it will suffer irreversible losses which will provoke, in turn, unnecessary expenses.



6. Avoid contamination of the cooling circuit 

The contamination of both the tank and the cooling recirculation circuit may come from external agents (tramp oils, fines, chips, etc.) and from the untreated water which may have been used. This problem can be solved with filter systems or cleaning the circuit using liquid detergents to remove the contamination.


Pollution both the tank and the coolant recirculation loop can come from external agents such as untreated water



7. Proper filtration system of the recovered product

To maintain a coolant fluid, it is necessary to permanently monitor the stocking and recirculation of the product to make it last. Among the parameters that one should control there is the proliferation of chips which get mixed with the coolant, provoking temperature increase and a machine wear. In fact, injuries related to its usage may appear, and, as a consequence, it is essential to install and maintain filter systems to separate these and other contaminants from the coolant. Consulting the supplier about the best solution in filter systems is an option not to be overlooked. 

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