Metalworking fluids
Metalworking fluids




Why using metalflow's metalworking fluids?

Wide range in permanent evolution.

Product customization.

Increase of productivity.

Meet different environmental and safety standards.

Guarantee of success.


machining fluids metalflow the following functions:







  Facilitate chip evacuation operation area not to interfere in the process and allow obtaining the desired surface quality.

Control and reduce the temperature generated by the machining operation itself.

Reduce wear on the tool or die by friction with the workpiece and, when applicable, with the detached chip.

Prevent corrosion of the workpiece, the tool or machine.


Perfect for:







All the products of metalflow

They are produced in our plants


 We adapt them to any need


We make them give the best performance

tips FOR using coolants:



The product must be stored in a temperature controlled environment between +5°C and +40°C.


Before filling the tank with new product should be cleaned both the tank and the circuits with a METALCLEAN cleaner to remove any debris or particles that could affect the proper functioning of the system.


The correct preparation of an emulsion is a process that requires precision and reliability. the use of electronic equipment XCALUB dilution to ensure all parameters and ensure a good result is recommended.


Should control and monitor the product in use to lengthen its life.


Avoid contamination of the circuit by the fluid inlet and external agents.


You must have an adequate system of filtering the recovered product.



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