Why using metalflow auxiliaries?

Wide range.

Solutions for any need.

Increase of productivity.

Meet different environmental and safety standards.

Suitable for their direct addition to products in use.

Specific formulations.

the auxiliaries of metalflow meet the following functions:








Prevent rust and corrosion of metal surfaces. Also increase the lifetime of ladles, dies, tools and machinery.

  Lubricate pieces, die zones and machinery for an easy maintenance. Also improve lubrication capacity of the products where they are mixed.

Easy molten metal flow (ladles and chanels protectors) and easy drying of the casted part (quenching products).

Help foam, fungi and microorganisms removal from tanks and circuits. Also facilitate the degreasing of metal surfaces.

Recovery of the initial properties of products in use with some current wear, to stabilize, improve their performance and extend their lifetime.

All the products of metalflow

They are produced in our plants


 We adapt them to any need


We make them give the best performance

our Auxiliaries are used in:



tips for using our auxiliaries:



 Read carefully the safety data sheet before handling any product.


Respect the indications referring to the appropriate concentration and method of application.


 Concentration level must be monitored frequently using a digital refractometer device.


 pH value must be monitored frequently using a digital devide. Paper stripes are not recommended as they have poor reliability.

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