metalclean cleaners

Range in permanent evolution:

· Suitable for ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

· Suitable for different washing temperatures.

Excellent cleaning quality against any type of dirt. Optimum hygiene.

Fully compatible with any possible further treatment of the parts.

Free of toxic compounds.

Meet different environmental and safety standards.

Suitable for different application systems: spray, dipping, sprinkler.


metalclean cleaners meet the following functions:







Remove residues from pieces that have been machined or formed with soluble or straight oil products.

Facilitate chip and fine removal from the piece, for an optimal further treatment or storage. also removal from sumps and circuits when they are used as machine cleaners.

Decontaminate machines and circuits of microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi.

Corrosion protection of the piece thanks to the incorporated additives. Also protection of circuits in the case of machine cleaners.

we show you our range of metalclean cleaners

range 2000 - water based 




Water based solutions with or without content of mineral oils, suitable for cleaning dirty surfaces and parts. Provide an optimal corrosion protection.


Working temperature from 20ºC to 60ºC.

They clean traces generated by cutting oils, lubricants, coolants, grinding fluids, chips and fines among others.



Additional information:


· Suitable for steel and aluminum.

· Suitable for application by spray, dipping and sprinkler.

range 4000 - organic solvents 




Organic solvents with surfactants that offer great degreasing power for cleaning metal parts and surfaces, as well as optimal water-repellent properties and compatibility with subsequent painting processes.


Excellent performance working at room temperature.

Clean de traces generated by greases, cutting oils, lubricating oils, coolants, chips and fines among others.


Additional information:


· Suitable for ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

· Suitable for different application systems: spray, dipping and brush.

range 6000 - aqueous solutions or solvents


and circuits


Aqueous solutions containing solvents or pure solvents, formulated to remove metal traces and dirt from dies, tanks, machines, circuits and other surfaces as well as to disinfect and protect them.


Products suitable for cleaning surfaces and facilities, during scheduled downtimes or maintenance periods.

Their use is also necessary to clean tanks and circuits when there is a change of coolant, both due to a test of product or due to a permanent change of fluid.

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